Truck Driver Success Story: Mike Hanna - Tri-County Training
Truck driving success story: Mike Hanna

Truck Driver Success Story: Mike Hanna

Why would a successful pilot, who flies rockstars, heads of state, and billionaire business people around the world, become a truck driver? Find out in this interview with Mike Hanna, graduate of Tri-County Training, class of '96.


As a child, Mike Hanna loved to play with big machines.

So it's no surprise that when he grew up, he learned to become a pilot in the military.

After leaving the military though, Mike found himself unemployed for eight months. He decided that it was the right time to get his truck driving license and learn how to drive big trucks.

Mike did realize his dream to become a pilot but still drives a big truck - 20 years after getting his license. In the video below he tells us why.

Watch his interview below...​

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