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Why Dave Bryce became a truck driver

Truck Driver Success Story: Dave Bryce

Feeling frustrated and physically beat-up with his construction job, and tired of being laid off over and over again, Dave Bryce had enough and decided to make a change. He considered becoming a truck driver. Here's why...


Having always wanted to drive a big truck, he looked to Tri-County training, a truck driving school in Ayr, Ontario, to get his AZ license.

Using the Second Career program to partially pay for the course, Dave enrolled in the AZ License Course.

Despite being mis-diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Dave managed to quickly secure a truck driving job.

Years later, he's still working for the same company, making good money and feeling great about his decision.

Watch his interview below...​

Want To Learn More About Making Truck Driving Your Second Career?

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a truck driver, we recommend you start with these three pages:

If you’ve decided that truck driving is something you’d like to pursue but aren’t sure about where to get your AZ license, we'd be happy to give you a private tour of our facility so you can get a close up look at our classrooms, our warehouse, meet our instructors and get all of your questions answered.

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