New Student Welcome - Tri-County Training

Welcome To The Start Of Your Career As A Professional Truck Driver

We're excited that you'll be beginning your training with us and want to make the start of your course as smooth as we can. Here's a short list of what you will need to complete before the start of the course:

  1. Complete your medical examination.
  2. Prepare for your written test by studying the MTO Handbook.
  3. Complete a practice test by clicking here. If you prefer, you can make an appointment with our office to complete a practice test.
  4. Bookmark the link to the MTO Handbook. You'll need to refer to this throughout the course.

    NOTE: You will not need to schedule an appointment at the Drive Test Centre to apply for the license but we do advise you to get there first thing in the morning, if possible. Midweek is usually the best time of the week.

    REMEMBER: Bring the original copy of your medical exam results, your driver's license and approximately $105.​


    Now that the hard part is done you can read your Training Manuals (Bumper to Bumper and Air Brakes*) we gave you to prepare for your Program. These manuals are yours so we want you to answer all the questions at the end of each chapter (Yes, that is right, inside the book). We knew you would ask.

    *AZ license course only​

    FIRST DAY...

    Reminder for the First Day of Your Program we would like you to arrive 15 minutes before it starts. This will insure we get started on time.

    Bring along your Training Manuals as you will use them occasionally during the classroom portion.

    Also please bring along your proof from the Drive Test Center that you passed the written test (it is a long yellow form).


    At the school we have a lunch room with a large fridge and 2 microwaves. We have a water cooler with lots of cups. And you may find it hard to believe but we have 3 washrooms for your convenience.

    ​In case you forgot your lunch, we have made arrangements with a canteen service that will come around 3 times per day. The Drivers name is “FLAVIO”. He even sells coffee in case you need it.

    There might be a couple other things we may need from you for the 1st day, but we will call you and let you know what they are a few days before your program is to start.

    Until then, Thanks for choosing Tri-County as your starting point for your new career.

    Ontario Truck Driving School

    See you soon!
    Richard Wynia​, President

    P.S. No suits and ties around here! Be sure to dress casually and comfortably.