It’s Never Okay: An Action Plan To Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment

Every Tri-County Training student has the right to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect.

If you experience sexual violence or harassment, you have options – on campus and off. Except in extreme situations, where there is an imminent threat to the campus or broader community, the choice of options (including the choice not to exercise ANY option) always remains with you, the student.

If you experience sexual violence or harassment at Tri-County Training, you may:

  • Request information about any counselling, health services, or other supports that are available from the campus administrator;
  • Engage the services of an off-campus organization, such as a crisis and counselling centre in your community;
  • Contact the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario;
  • Report the incident to the Waterloo Regional Police Service.

For more information about resources in your community, and throughout Ontario, visit and

If You Witness Sexual Violence Or Harassment

If you witness sexual violence or harassment at Tri-County Training, bring your concerns directly to the attention of the campus administrator (Richard Wynia) or another staff member if the administrator is not available.

As a student at Tri-County Training, you also have a role to play in creating a safe campus for everyone.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas. Please speak with us in person or contact us by email.