See How Dave Bryce Changed His Life In Just 8-Weeks And You Can Too

Earn $45,000 - $55,000 In Your First Year

9/10 of our new grads find jobs within two weeks of completing the AZ license course. The trucking industry offers job security and a good, steady income.

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Dave's Not Alone...

Just in case you thought Dave Bryce was the only one to find success as a truck driver, here are two more stories you might find interesting...

Tired of being laid off from his construction job, Matti Awia decided he needed to make a change. After obtaining his AZ license at a cheap license-mill truck driving school, and not being able to find a job, Matti attended Tri-County Training's AZ license course. Within 6-weeks he secured a job ... driving locally, not long-distance ... for Canada Cartage.

Why would an accomplished pilot who flies rockstars, heads of state, and billionaire business people around the world become a truck driver? Watch the video to find out.

Not All Drivers Are Hired After Completing The Course ... Some - Like These 3 Students - Are Hired BEFORE THEY FINISH

​Why Tri-County Training?

Tri-County Training has been helping people get trained for new careers since 1978 and is a preferred truck driving school for companies like Kriska, Challenger, GRT, and Wayfreight. Employers love our grads because we're thorough in our training. We don't just train you to get a license. Any school can do that. We train you to be a professional truck driver. There's a big difference.

But don't take our word for it. Hear it from the people who could be your employer...

In this video, Caroline Blais and Rob Spencer from Kriska talk about why they like hiring grads from Tri-County Training.

In this video, Jerry Krauskopf, Recruiter with Wayfreight talks about why he likes hiring grads from Tri-County Training.

In this video, Mike Hahn, On The Road Recruiter, talks about why he likes hiring grads from Tri-County Training.

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