How To Get A DZ License In Ontario

How To Get A DZ License

DZ License Ontario
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Want to get a DZ license? According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, having a DZ license...

...Allows you to drive a motor vehicle exceeding 11,000 kilograms (24,000 lb) gross weight or registered gross weight, or any combination of motor vehicle exceeding a total gross weight or registered gross weight of 11,000 kilograms (24,000 lb) and towed vehicle not exceeding a total gross weight of 4,600 kilograms (10,000 lb).

This means you can get one of the great-paying dz driver jobs driving...

  • A straight truck;
  • Dump trucks;
  • Cement trucks;
  • Garbage trucks;
  • And fire and rescue trucks with airbrakes.

Everyone I had the opportunity to talk with at Schneider’s about my training at Tri-County had nothing but great things to say about Tri-County graduates. They said when they know Tri-County graduates are coming, they know they are getting graduates with excellent training ... training above all others.

J. Bateman

Thank you very much; instruction was great; made learning a fun experience.

R. McDougald

DZ License Requirements

Before you get your DZ License, you need to meet the DZ license requirements as set out by the MTO. Specifically, you must...

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a valid Ontario class G License
  • Pass a test of operating knowledge of large trucks and tractor trailers
  • Meet vision standards
  • Provide a satisfactory medical certificate on application and periodically thereafter
  • Demonstrate driving competence during a road test while driving a motor vehicle exceeding 11,000 kilograms gross weight or registered gross weight or any truck or combination provided the towed vehicle is not over 4,600 kilograms.

      The following is a list of requirements we'll ask you for, prior to registering for our             DZ Program

  • A valid “G” class driver’s licence.
  • Proof of Grade 10 English or higher (admissions test offered at campus if unable to provide)
  • A driver’s abstract - This is a 3-year search of your driving record. It’s available through the Ministry of Transportation for $12 (3-year uncertified) Click here to order your abstract online.
  • Criminal record search - You may obtain a criminal record search from your local police organization. You will need two pieces of identification with you to apply, and the cost is $40. Click here for more information on obtaining a criminal record check in the Waterloo Region.
  • Mechanical aptitude test - To register for the DZ Program, you are required to pass a mechanical aptitude test at the school. There is no charge for this test.
  • Written and road test fee of $122.75. This amount covers your written knowledge test for the 'Class D' licence at the Drive Test Centre, as well as the road test fee.

DZ License Course In-Class Theory (72 Hours)

Having extensive technical knowledge isn’t enough for an educator to excel. They must be able to effectively transfer that knowledge to their students in an entertaining, and fun way.

Everyone learns in different ways. It’s up to the teacher to adapt the message and method to ensure all students come away with a rock-solid understanding of the information. And that’s what our instructors do.

Here's what a couple of our students had to say about our instructors...

Awesome school; very proud and confident. Instructor was very patient and knowledgeable.

C. Gilmour

Having been on many courses (Airline), Tri-County was comparable to these Airline Training Institutions.

M. Storozuk

The in-class portion of your DZ license course spans 65 hours, covering such topics as...

  • Customer service in the trucking industry;
  • The Air-brake system (2-day Z endorsement course)
  • Border-crossing procedures;
  • Pre-trip inspections;
  • Basic vehicle operation;
  • Defensive driving;
  • Dangerous goods;
  • Map reading;
  • Trip planning;

DZ License Course In-Vehicle Practice (22 Hours)

 You’ve learned the theory, now it’s time to get your hands on the trucks and put that theory into practice. For the next 22 hours, you'll practice what you learned in the classroom on one of our multi-gear trucks. Some of the skills you'll practice include...

  • Double clutch a multi-gear transmission;
  • Perform turns in light traffic;
  • Parallel park like a pro;
  • Drive comfortably on both the highway as well as in the city;
  • Stop and start on both an incline and decline.

Once you feel more confident, you’ll be shown how to...

  • Make elegant turns in heavy traffic;
  • Pass and overtake slower vehicles;
  • Perform gear recovery techniques with precision;

In-Yard Practice (6 Hours, minimum)

You are required to complete a minimum of 6 hours of in-yard practice, where you work on pre-trip inspections, in-cab inspections, as well as how to perform your air-brake inspections.

Upon completion of the DZ license program and a successful ministry road test, you will receive...

  • A D License with the Z endorsement (air brakes)
  • A DZ course certificate;
  • A professionally designed resume;
  • Income tax receipt. This course is 100% tax deductible!

To ensure your truck training course is a safe one, all trucks are equipped with dual braking system on the instructor’s side for tractor and trailer brakes.

Enrolments are on hold until further notice. 
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One Campus Convenience

Many ontario truck driving schools make you drive from place to place to learn the various skills you need to become an DZ licensed truck driver. 

Our campus, located just outside of Cambridge, Ontario in Ayr, is completely self-contained. Classrooms, docks, shop and warehouse are all together, so you only have to drive to one location. And we’re right off the 401, making it easy to get here.

Helping You Become An Employed Truck Driver

We don't just train you to drive a truck, we help you become employed as a truck driver with a professionally designed resumé.

With your resumé in hand, you can attend one of our meet-and-greet information nights, where we bring in companies looking to hire DZ drivers. Use this time to ask them any questions you have about working in the trucking industry, and to make connections.

Just a note of thanks to your team for the excellent training students from Tri-County are demonstrating here at Schneiders. It’s evident to our Trainers that the Tri-County group or Trainers have gone the ‘extra mile’ to set the students up for success.

Peter Million
Schneider National

Let’s take a moment to recap what you’re getting with our DZ license training:

  • 72 hours of in-class instruction by our expert driving instructors;
  • 22 hours of in-truck instruction;
  • 6 hours of in-yard practice
  • A professional resumé

As well as...

  • Job search assistance;
  • Z-Endorsement on your License (Air Brakes);
  • A FREE safety vest.

Employment Road Test Preparation

Aside from the actual test you take to get your DZ license, the next most important test you take is the one to get the job.

We help you prepare for your company road test by making one of our trucks available to you to practice prior to meeting the potential employer - at no charge to you.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make it count!

How Much Does This Course Cost?

Let’s get down to the important question. How much does all of this cost?

The price of the DZ license course is $4330 - (That's all. No HST!)

Are we the cheapest truck driving school in Ontario? Absolutely not! Do you really want "cheap" when it comes to your future. We give you the skills you need, and then some, to succeed and earn good money driving a truck.

And since our DZ license course is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, your course is 100% tax deductible!

That's right, when you complete our DZ course, you get a tax receipt for the full amount of the course, giving you a great tax deduction.

Your school was the reason I was given this job. Any one wanting in this business would be hindered if they don’t take your course.

Brian McKenna

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started on the road to a great career with one of the most trusted Ontario truck driving schools, here’s what you do...

  • Come to our campus, located at 480 Waydom Drive in Ayr, Ontario. Bring with you, a driver’s abstract & criminal record search.
  • You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and quiz to ensure your employability and success in completing our course.
  • We then require a deposit of $200.00 to reserve your seat in one of the upcoming courses.

You will receive 4 books to help you prepare for your “Drive Test” Beginners Permit and for the course.

You must also meet these requirements:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old
  2. You must have a “G” License
  3. You must meet the Ontario medical requirements.
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