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Truck Driving Students Secure Jobs Before Graduating AZ License Course

"​You're full of s#@&!"

When we say that 9 out of 10 students get hired within 2-weeks of finishing our AZ License Course, that's what a lot of people say - to our face or silently to themselves.

Well, in our most recent class, we had a trifecta of student success.

Three of our students - ​Adrian Khan, Mike McClintock, and Mark Stocker - all got hired from our AZ license course. But it wasn't within the two weeks we normally claim it takes. No. They got hired a week BEFORE they completed the course. And...

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Truck Driver Success Story: Matti Awia

Tired of being laid off from his construction job, Matti Awia decided he needed to make a change. After obtaining his AZ license at a cheap license-mill truck driving school, and not being able to find a job, Matti attended Tri-County Training's AZ license course.

Within 6-weeks he secured a job ... driving locally, not long-distance ... for Canada Cartage. In this video, Curtis Penner sits down with Matti to talk about his journey.

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