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Staying Clean, and Smelling Good When On The Road

If you want to be taken seriously as a professional truck driver, then you need to behave like a professional. And part of that means taking care of your hygiene.

But staying clean, and smelling good when on the road isn’t quite the same as when you’re at home. Daily showers may not always be possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in your own stench.

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How To Enjoy The Holidays As A Trucker Away From Home

What is it we love about the Holidays? Well, the gifts … duh!

A lot of what makes the Holiday so special are the rituals and traditions we’ve created. Like listening to Christmas music, enjoying a glass of wine or egg nog while decorating the tree. Or preparing and enjoying an epic breakfast for the family after having torn open all the gifts.

For me, it was getting a new board game to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

But when you become a truck driver, your crazy schedule can completely disrupt your most favoured traditions.

And this can lead feelings of depression, anxiety and even resentment of all the people with “normal” lives who get to be home for the Holidays.

In this article, we’ll look at how to enjoy the Holidays even if you find yourself away from home. Continue reading

Check Out Challenger’s Annual Job Fair

This Saturday, November 26th, Challenger will be hosting their annual job fair.

It’s a great chance for truck drivers to meet the folks at Challenger and see their equipment and operation up close and personal.

You’ll get to…

  • See heir new trucks;
  • Tour their facility;
  • Talk to company reps about the many opportunities available

There will be treats and a chance to win a Rand McNally GPS.

You can even meet, interview and do your road test with one of the driver recruiters if you decide to join their team.

Get more information by clicking here.