J. Paul Miner, It’s Time To Downshift

It’s with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of J. Paul Miner.

Paul, Whether you were in the truck with a student … mentoring an Instructor … in the classroom … on the bus doing your thing … in the office interviewing … or just “hogging the printer” 😉…

You always gave it your ALL.

We know if you put as much effort into your retirement, as you have working with us at Tri-County, it is sure to be a SUCCESS! 🎉

Thank you, Paul, for 21 years 7 months of YOU ! We wish you good Health, Good Times and Relaxation in your future.


Richard, Mary and the Gang

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It Happened Again!

Tri-County Training Named Best Truck Driving School In Region For 2020

Well shucks…

When we won the Consumer’s Choice Award for best truck driving school in the region award last year, we were honoured and humbled. This year, we’re almost speechless.

First, we want to thank all of our amazing students. You make us proud, and you’re a credit to the trucking industry.

We also thank all of our staff and instructors. I think they’re the best, but based on the comments we get on our Facebook page from past students, it would appear I’m not biased at all … well, maybe a little!

And thank you to YOU … the community where we live, and work. We’re proud to be a locally-owned, family run business, and to help our neighbours become skilled truck drivers.

We look forward to another year of service to you all!


Richard Wynia, President


34th Annual Central Ontario Regional Truck Driving Championship

34th annual Central Ontario Regional

Truck Driving Championship

We're  pleased to announce our participation in the 34th annual Central Ontario Regional Truck Driving Championship again this year.

It'll take place on June 8, 2019 at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex.

For complete details be sure to check out ​


Get Your Z-Endorsement: 2-DAYS ONLY

Need to add the Z-endorsement to your current “A” or “D” license? Join us on April 13th and 14th for two days of training to obtain your Z-endorsement.

Once you pass the written and practical tests, you’ll be able to move on to the Drive Test, and having the Z-endorsement added to your license.

  • Class starts at 8am each day.
  • Cost is $375 plus HST ($423.75)

You must pre-register to attend. Call our office at 1-800-265-0400 to register.

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Tri-County Training Named Best Truck Driving School In Region

Our students told us it was so. The trucking companies that hired our students told us too.

But now, the cat is really out of the bag.

We’re pleased to announce that Tri-County Training has been awarded the Consumer’s Choice Award for 2018/2019 as the region’s top truck driving school.

Thank you to all of our students, staff, employers, and to the community of Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding areas for your support.

Careers Getting Your AZ License

Truck Drivers Top Jobs Board Report As Most In-Demand

The Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin has released their latest job demand report and one job stands out as the most in-demand.

In the 2nd quarter of 2018, 1323 postings for Truck Drivers were placed – almost more than double the number of the next type of posting.


Behind The Wheel Of A Big Rig

Ever wondered what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a big rig? Well, so did Marc Venema of CTV News Kitchener.

In this video, our very own Ron Klicka takes Marc out on the road to show him what it’s like to double-clutch and drive a 13-speed manual transmission Mac truck.

Click the image below to see the video…

Click to see the video


Trucking Companies

Trucking Company Profile: Heritage Transportation Group

Trucker Stories

What Can A U.S. Navy Seal Teach You About Driving A Truck?

No doubt about it...

Being a truck driver can be a tough job. Is it Navy Seal tough? Well, I can tell you that our AZ License Course doesn't quite compare to hell week. But still...

Trucking has its challenges. In this video, Red Viking Trucker, shares his experiences of working with a U.S. Navy Seal and how those lessons apply to driving a truck.

Below, I've included what I found to be the key takeaways.

Put your bags down.

Stuff happens and you have the choice to carry baggage with you or put it down anytime you want,.

Truck driving requires great focus, and a cool head. Many decision are made moving at 60 mph so you can’t let a rude dispatcher or grumpy border guard get in your head.

Focus on what’s in front of you.

You might be worried about how you’re going to learn to drive a big truck. You might be worried about living on the road for days or weeks at a time. Not sure how you’re going to get through it.

Rather than worry and stress about what MIGHT come. Focus on what’s in front of you and take it one day, or even 10-minutes at a time.

Learn to learn.

Driving a truck is a skill like tying your shoes. You’ll make mistakes. Have an open mind and a willingness to learn and make mistakes. Allow yourself to make mistakes but learn from them and strive not to make the same mistake twice.

Expect to succeed.

Doubt. Fear. Hesitation. All of these feelings and emotions are normal when learning something new. Despite all of this, you want to go into your new career, expecting to succeed.

Embrace the challenge.

It’s very likely that trucking is like nothing you’ve done before. All of it will be new. You can let this fact cause fear and doubt or you can embrace every new moment of the learning process and approach it with an attitude of wonder.

When stuff hits the fan, you can still decide who you want to be.

When stuff happens that is out of your control, it can be difficult to remain calm - especially when you’re driving alone. When you have no one to vent to, it’s easy to unleash your fury on others around you.

But in every moment, you have control over who you will be and how you’ll react.

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Challenger Recognized As One Of Canada’s Top Carriers

The 2017 Shipper’s Choice Awards winners have been announced and Cambridge’s own Challenger has been named one of Canada’s favourite shippers.

Shippers across Canada vote for companies who demonstrate performance excellence and regularly exceed shippers’ expectations.

Congratulations to everyone over at Challenger for this award.