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Crazy, Funny Things You See As A Truck Driver

25 Crazy, Funny and Amazing Things You See On The Road As A Truck Driver

Most of the hours spent on the road are uneventful. But every once and a while, you come across something that makes you chuckle, laugh, shake your head, stare in awe … or all of the above.

In this collection of images, we share thirty funny, amazing and crazy things people have seen on the road.

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We get things started with this cool “cat” riding shotgun in the sidecar.

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A giant knight on his steed was sure to distract drivers in both directions.

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A bison takes to the paved highway hoping to outrun a hungry grizzly bear. Run Forrest run!

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It really is funny to see. Hard to get over seeing a motorcycle rider without a helmut too.

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This poor cow almost blends right in with the black and white striped barrier.

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“Arrrrrr matey. Be there a gas station nearby?”

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In an attempt to gather information on the people of earth, aliens have begun travelling our highways.

Get your motor runnin…’ Head out on the highway…. Looking for adventure… In whatever comes our way

Really cute thing to see at first. Then you wonder what would happen if this motorcycle came to an abrupt stop.

Guy playing a recorder behind the wheel on I-15 in Salt Lake City

Hey! When you really want to learn how to play the recorder, you let nothing stand in your way. Not even a little bit of traffic.

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Okay, multi-coloured sheep on the side of the road is just plain weird to see.

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Seeing a bald eagle swoop down for left-overs would be quite the site.

Extreme heat in Minnesota has created a buckle on a busy highway which is sending cars flying.

Can’t imagine what this would have felt like in a big rig!

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Not much to add to this…

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What do you do when you find yourself without safety flares? Why you throw out a bowl of veggies instead.

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Jurassic park moves down the highway.

Driving down the highway when

Wow, and I thought a dog in the car was distracting. Yikes! Guess this driver thought that old car needed a little extra “horse power”.

Interesting book i guess

Sometimes you read a book that you just can’t put down.

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Just chillin’ and enjoying the drive.

Racing pigeon uses the slipstream of vehicles on the highway

Look at this pigeon passing cars going down the highway.

Big herd of elk crossing a highway, Bozeman MT

A HUGE heard of elk hop the fence to cross the highway.

Driving down the highway listening to R. Kelly’s old hit from 1996 when this happens..

Not sure if this is a stunt gone wrong or if the driver of this vehicle made a habit of driving full-speed down the shoulder and just didn’t see the truck stopped in front of him.

Highway poles are so Happy and waving …………..wtf

That’s some crazy oscillation going on.

On a highway to hell

I can’t imagine why this driver didn’t stop and immediately hit the hammer in the other direction. But it sure made for a dramatic video.

imagine driving down an unfamiliar highway and seeing this.

A very cool design for a rest area.

LEGO spill shuts down highway lane in West Virginia

Police were there for hours putting the pieces together, trying to figure out how this accident happened.