How to stay clean, and smelling good when on the road

Staying Clean, and Smelling Good When On The Road

If you want to be taken seriously as a professional truck driver, then you need to behave like a professional. And part of that means taking care of your hygiene.

But staying clean, and smelling good when on the road isn’t quite the same as when you’re at home. Daily showers may not always be possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in your own stench.


In this article, you’ll find some great tips and info on how to smell sweet as a daisy no matter what the circumstance.

Tip #1: Take Advantage of The Free Showers

Most truck stops will provide you with a free shower when you buy more than a certain amount of fuel - usually 50-gallons. If at all possible, take advantage of these times to grab a quick shower.

Here's a good video showing you how to redeem your free shower. Now not every truck stop will be the same but most truck stops use a system similar to this one.

Tip #2: Be Well-Equipped

waterproof sandals to shower on the road

Waterproof sandals like these can keep your feet free of fungal infections.

microfibre towel

Waterproof sandals like these can keep your feet free of fungal infections.

shower bag

Waterproof sandals like these can keep your feet free of fungal infections.

Even though a lot of the truck stops will provide you with a towel, and soap, you can take it up a notch with the right equipment.

First, you've got enough to worry about on the job without having to worry about foot fungus issues. Be sure to bring in a pair of flip-flops, sandals or water shoes into the shower with you.

Next, consider packing a highly-absorbent shower towel of your own for those times you find yourself in a truck stop that doesn't provide you with a towel or at least a towel that is all nice and fluffy clean.​

Finally, get a good toiletry bag to carry all of your shower essentials. 

Tip #3: Time Your Showers

Over time you'll get to know what times of the day are the busiest at the showers. Likely, you'll find it harder to get in and out quickly early in the morning or early evening.

If you can, try to time your showers for mid-morning or mid-afternoon to avoid the rush.

And if you just can't avoid the rush hour in the shower, be courteous of your other drivers and of the facility workers. Do your thing as quickly and efficiently as you can and then leave so that the next tired, dirty and stinky trucker can get in.

Also, don't leave the shower room looking like a hurricane just hit. Clean up after yourself and leave the towels folded and ready to be picked up by the facility's cleaning staff. If you leave the shower a mess, it only takes longer for the staff or next trucker to clean it up.

Tip #4: Use These To Clean Between Showers

This trucker gives some great advice on how to stay clean and smelling fresh as flowers in between showers and WHY you should take the time to freshen up.

Tip #5: Invest In Moisture Management

breathable underwear

Performance underwear can make you feel like a million bucks.

Talk to anyone who spends a lot of time out in the cold and they'll tell you that moisture management is key. They know the importance of a good base layer that wicks moisture away from the skin to keep it dry and warm.

Well, you can use the same technology to stay dry in hot weather or when you're experiencing a heavy day of loading, unloading, hitching and unhitching.

By investing in some good breathable underwear, t-shirts, and even performance pants, you'll find yourself feeling drier and fresher.