Erb Transport: Trucking Company Profile

Summary Profile

The Erb Group is a large refrigerated transportation carrier in the food industry providing service across North America.

Erb Group hauls for companies with household names in the food industry using new equipment equipped with the latest technology.

An equal opportunity employer, they have 10 terminals located in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and Elverson, PA. and employ over 1500 employees.


290 Hamilton Road
New Hamburg, ON
N3A 1A2

Tel: (519) 662-2710
Toll Free: 1-800-665-2653

Krystal Satchell, Driver Recruiter (ext. 3319)

Why Consider The Erb Group

The Erb Group of Companies offers many reasons to consider them to begin your truck driving career. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Top industry wages
  • Driver wages based on experience
  • Paid drops/pickups, inspections, washouts, and delays
  • Paid overtime
  • Transfers between terminals and positions with no lost seniority.
  • Early vacation bonuses
  • Health and safety bonuses
  • Profit-sharing
  • Over-the-road breakdown assistance
  • Comprehensive group benefits for full-time company drivers
  • Alternative benefits for owner-operators
  • Uniform and boot allowances for full-time company drivers.

Benefits Offered

After 90-days, full-time owner-operators receive comprehensive group benefits. Out-of-province coverage is available immediately to drivers who travel to the U.S.

What Type of Trucks Does The Erb Group Run?

The Erb Group's stable of trucks is split 50/50 between manual and auto trucks. All road tests are done in a manual truck to make sure the driver can perform competently in either one.

New Driver Orientation & Training

New driver orientation includes 2-3 days of in-class work. Then the driver spends 6-8 weeks in cab with a coach-trainer.

What Type Of Route Do New Drivers Get?

The types of routes the Erb Group runs depends on the division. New drivers working in Baden, Trenton, and Mississauga will run routes that take them across the U.S./Canada border.

Some routes are available to Detroit and Buffalo, which have the driver home every night.

Other local routes are available - both day and nights - that also allow drivers to be home every day.

All units are reefer-equipped, hauliing primarily food products. No dangerous goods or hazmat.

What Does A Typical Week Look Like For An Experienced Wayfreight Driver

A typical week in the life of an over-the-road Erb Group driver consists of being out 4-5 days to Western Canada.

For drivers going to the Western United States, you can expect to be out for 10-14 days at a time.​

How Much Do Drivers Earn?

During training, new drivers receive $16.80 per hour.

Once training is complete, US drivers earn $0.462 per mile. LTL is $0.494 per mile.

Time spent during drops, deliveries, pickups, and customs is paid at $16.80 per hour. After 2-months, that amount goes up to $18.01. After 3-months it goes to $19.22.

Local drivers (nights) are paid an hourly maximum of $16.80, $18.01 (after 2-months), and $19.22 (after 3-months). Additional mileage rate of $0.459 is added for trips made within a 35-mile radius around terminal.


Trucking Company Profile: Wayfreight

Summary Profile

Operating out of Aberfoyle, Ontario, just off the 401, Wayfreight provides trucking services to the U.S. using vans , flat beds, and specialty trailers.


10 Kerr Cres
Puslinch, ON
N0B 2J0

Tel: (519) 829-2494
Toll Free: 1-800-265-2562

John Way, General Manager

Why Consider Wayfreight

Wayfreight Services places a strong emphasis on training, and working with their drivers to enjoy a long, and profitable career.

Being a smaller company, Wayfreight works hard to make drivers and dispatchers feel like family.

"From initial sales to delivery of the freight we all work together cohesively to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and needs."

Benefits Offered

Wayfreight offers a comprehensive benefit package for their drivers, including all major types of medical coverage. This coverage starts on day 1 of your employment, and can be extended to cover family members as well. Long term disability coverage is also available.

Wayfreight also offers an RRSP plan as part of their benefits package.

What Type of Trucks Does Wayfreight Run?

Wayfreight runs Freightliners, Kenworths, and International trucks with high rise sleepers. All engines are in the 450hp range and above mated to 10 or 13 speed manual transmissions.​

New Driver Orientation

All drivers receive a complete orientation regardless of their level of experience. This orientation includes:

  • Company policies and procedures
  • Equipment
  • Customer service
  • Introduction to all staff
  • Introduction to all drivers and mechanics.

This orientation can take a day or more to cover all necessary aspects so any new driver is comfortable and confident in their new profession.

New Driver Training

After the initial road test and skill assessment, the successful trainee begins the in-cab coaching program.

The trainee is then placed with a driver trainer in a single tractor on a regular load. The in-cab coaching will focus on ensuring and assisting with the safe operation of the equipment as well as teaching the trainee load security, border crossing procedures, hours of service, weekly provisions, communication and any questions the trainee may have about the job.

After the in-cab training assessment and consultation with the trainee, the next step is convoy training.

In this step, the new driver travels in his or her own tractor, shadowed by an experienced driver in their own tractor, to both the pickup and deliveries within the United States.

Training continues until the new driver becomes comfortable with their duties and confident they are able to operate the equipment proficiently and safely.

The training program typically can last from three to eight weeks depending upon the trainee.

What Type Of Route Do New Drivers Get?

New drivers will initially get shorter trips with a more flexible delivery window. As they become more comfortable on the road, the lengths of trips increase.

What Does A Typical Week Look Like For An Experienced Wayfreight Driver

​A typical week for an experienced driver at Wayfreight will begin with loading of an outbound load for delivery to the United States within approximately a 500 mile radius of the border and subsequent return.

Upon return, the driver will be dispatched again to the United States, typically with the same trailer. However, drivers are encouraged to learn all aspects of Wayfreight operations and become qualified on dry-van, flatbed, and bulk-tank trailers.

Once qualified to operate with different trailers, your next trip may be different equipment to a different destination.

How Much Do Drivers Earn?

​Drivers are paid by the mile for most trips. Any local work or cartage within one-hundred fifty kilometers of the Wayfreight yard is paid on an hourly basis.

Drivers are compensated for loading and unloading depending on what type of equipment they are operating: flatbed, dry-van or bulk-tank.

Waiting time at shippers and receivers is compensated on an hourly basis after an initial two hour period. Border waits are compensated on a case-by-case basis.

Wayfreight has streamlined the customs clearance process internally, so drivers typically do not experience any border related delays.​


Trucking Company Profile: Challenger Motor Freight

Summary Profile

As one of the largest trucking companies in the region, Challenger Motor Freight has a diverse fleet of trucks, trailers and job opportunities.

Their facility on Maple Grove Road provides drivers with a wide range of comforts and is home to their state-of-the-art driving simulator.


300 Maple Grove Rd.
Cambridge, ON.
N3E 1B7

Tel: (519) 653-5082
Toll Free: (800) 334-5142

Mike Hahn, Recruiter
ext. 2790

Why Consider Challenger

In an industry plagued by high turnover, Challenger boasts a low turnover rate, perhaps due to the vast number of divisions they have and the many types of drivers that those divisions require. 

In terms of equipment and technology, Challenger is an industry leader. Their fleet of trucks consists primarily of trucks with automatic transmissions and has nothing over 3-years old. Their investment in new trucks is driven by a desire to reduce fuel costs, provide their drivers with a comfortable environment and to reduce the effects of trucking on the environment.

Their commitment to be leaders in everything they do can even be seen in their main office building on Maple Grove Road which is LEED® certified. LEED® is a rating system, recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in over 160 countries.

One of the biggest advantages to becoming a Challenger driver is the opportunity to train on their driving simulator. A serious investment at $750,000, the simulator allows drivers to experience scenarios they're not familiar with, such as driving in snow, navigating mountain highways, as well as skid training. Flat tire emergency training).​

Benefits Offered

Challenger provides new drivers with a comprehensive benefits package that offers 80% coverage with an upgrade plan available. Benefits begin 90-days after your start date. Cross-border coverage is immediate. Highlights include:

  • Life insurance
  • Accident & serious illness coverage
  • Disability insurance
  • Dental
  • Prescriptions
  • Massage and phyiotherapy

Challenger also offers a group RRSP plan.

New Driver Orientation

New drivers receive 4-days of orientation on top of their new driver training which includes customs training, and training in hazardous materials.

New Driver Training

Before beginning their training, each driver must first pass a Challenger road test. New driver training at Challenger runs about 8-weeks, depending on the trainee.

Awards and Honours

Challenger has won many awards, including the Mayor's award for training, 2016 Best Fleets To Drive For, and was named as on of Canada's Best Managed Companies.

Kriska Transport Awards


Trucking Company Profile: Kriska Transport Group

Summary Profile

Headquartered in Prescott, Ontario, the Kriska Transport Group includes...

They have a terminal in Mississauga, and drop yards in Montreal, Ottawa, Ingleside, Belleville, Ayr and Sarnia.


6424B Danville Rd. 
Mississauga, ON.
L5T 2S6

Tel: (905) 795-2770
Toll Free: (800) 461-8000

Caroline Blais, Recruiting Manager
ext. 5222

Why Consider Kriska

According to the Kriska website...

KTG is an equal opportunity employer, offering comprehensive benefit programs that include Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Long Term Disability, Health Care, Prescription Drug Coverage, Vision and Dental Care, RRSP and a Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP).

In addition to industry leading mileage rates, our drivers also benefit from generous accessorial payments such as Layover Pay, Breakdown, Pick Up and Delivery, Safety and Performance Bonus, New York City Premium, Hand Bombing and Trailer Switches, just to name a few.

Benefits Offered

  • Pension plan
  • RRSP plan
  • Profit sharing

New Driver Orientation

New drivers participate in an in-class orientation that spans 3.5 days.

New Driver Training

After the in-class orientation is complete, drivers then move into the truck for an in-cab training period. Driver Trainers work with the new driver to get them started right. Newly licensed drivers should expect six weeks for training.​

Awards and Honours

Kriska Transport Awards


Twelve Days Of Shortbread Cookie Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

The Holidays can be a bitter-sweet time of year for truck drivers, can’t it? Today though, we choose to focus on the sweet part.

Here then are 12 easy-to-make shortbread recipes that will help lift your Christmas spirit and spread some cheer to those fortunate souls with whom you choose to share. Enjoy them at home or on the road.

1. Deliciously Simple Shortbread Cookies From The Canada Corn Starch Company


This one has been a staple in my home for decades. It’s so simple. So easy to make, and they literally will melt on your tongue. The recipe is found right on the box of corn start sold by the Canada Corn Starch company and is so easy to make it’s almost ridiculous how a simple cookie can taste so good.

2. Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints

Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints

This recipe from Saving Dessert combines the awesomeness of shortbread with the sweetness of raspberry jam. They look great and take less than an hour from start to finish. Get the recipe here…

3. Espresso Walnut Shortbread Cookies

Espresso Walnut Shortbread Cookies

This recipe from The Olive Blogger combines three of my favourite things: shortbread, chocolate and COFFEE! Get the recipe here…

4. Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

This cookie from Mom On Timeout combines a tart classic combination of cranberry and orange set against the smooth buttery texture of shortbread. Be sure to check out her tip for achieving the perfect consistency. Get the recipe here…

5. Peppermint Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

Peppermint Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

Combine the classic taste of the Holidays – peppermint with chocolate chips, then put them in shortbread and you get this awesome cookie from The Girl Who Ate EverythingGet the recipe here…

6. Funfetti Shortbread Bites

Funfetti Shortbread Bites

Here’s a fun shortbread recipe from Cooking Classy to make with the kids. They’ll love these shortbread bites that you can just pop into your mouth. Get the recipe here…

7. Toffee Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Toffee Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Add toffee bits and pieces of pecan to your shortbread and you get these yummy cookies. Eat them “plain” or take it up a notch by dipping half the cookie in melted chocolate of your choosing, or drizzle the chocolate over the cookies for a little added sweetness. Get the recipe here…

8. Chocolate Walnut Shortbread Cookies

Chocolate Walnut Shortbread Cookies

As Sue over at The View From Great Island says…

“If a cookie and a brownie had a baby they might come up with a delicious buttery cookie like this!”

Get the recipe here…

9. Bacon Maple Shortbread

Bacon Maple Shortbread

Are you kidding me right now? Shortbread … and … BACON!?

Mind … BLOWN!

This recipe takes the classic shortbread cookie, adds the salty, smoky goodness of bacon and replaces the sugar with maple syrup. Try it out and let us know how you like it. Get the recipe here…

10. Hershey’s Secret Kisses Cookies

Hershey’s Secret Kisses Cookies

Inside every shortbread cookie, there’s a kiss…a Hershey Kiss. Don’t limit yourself to just one kind of kiss either. Go out and buy a selection of Hershey Kisses and keep your family wondering what kind of kiss they’ll get.

Get the recipe here…

11. Salted Caramel Shortbread Cookies

Pecan Shortbread Sandies

“Turn buttery shortbread into something extra special by simply topping with caramel, chocolate and a sprinkle of salt. It’s a winning combination!” — Get the recipe here…

12. Pecan Shortbread Sandies

Pecan Shortbread Sandies

This little ball of joy has been a favourite of mine for decades. The icing sugar adds just the right amount of sweetness to the crunchy buttery bundle of shortbread goodness. Get the recipe here…

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 Days Of Shortbread Cookies. If you try any of the recipes, we’d love to hear how they tasted. Leave us a comment below or leave on on our Facebook page.

How To Enjoy The Holidays As A Trucker Away From Home

What is it we love about the Holidays? Well, the gifts … duh!

A lot of what makes the Holiday so special are the rituals and traditions we’ve created. Like listening to Christmas music, enjoying a glass of wine or egg nog while decorating the tree. Or preparing and enjoying an epic breakfast for the family after having torn open all the gifts.

For me, it was getting a new board game to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

But when you become a truck driver, your crazy schedule can completely disrupt your most favoured traditions.

And this can lead feelings of depression, anxiety and even resentment of all the people with “normal” lives who get to be home for the Holidays.

In this article, we’ll look at how to enjoy the Holidays even if you find yourself away from home.

What The Holidays Are Truly About

The first step in enjoying the Holidays as a truck driver is to understand that the Holiday season is what you decide it is.

For many of us, we’ve been conditioned since a very young age to look forward to one specific time of the year.

Depending on your schedule your Holiday could be the 23rd, 27th or any other day or series of days.

Yes, the calendar says that December 25th is Christmas. But that day was randomly picked to be the day when Christ’s birth would be celebrated.

So even though many people may be celebrating that particular day, if you’re scheduled to be home another day before or just after the Holidays, make that your special day.

If you have kids, it’s an easy sell to tell them you’re going to do an early Christmas when they get to open a couple of gifts.

And if you’re doing Christmas after the 25th, well what child wouldn’t want a 2nd round of gifts?

So decide which day will be your family’s special day and start building the excitement for that special day.

Share With Others

If you find yourself in some lonely truck stop over the Holidays, it would be easy to squirrel away in your truck, throw a blanket over your head and spend it sulking.

Instead, why not invite some of your fellow truckers to enjoy a Holiday meal with you?

You can share stories of the road, show off pictures of your families and just enjoy each others’ company.

Every truck you see parked on Christmas day has a trucker who’s in exactly the same position you’re in. So even if you can’t help but feel a little miserable, you know what they say about misery loving company.

If you know you’re going to be in a strange city on Christmas day, consider baking a tray of cookies before heading out on the road. Then when Christmas rolls around, share your cookies with others you come across during the day.

This Activity Can Lift Your Mood And Help Your Heart

If you find yourself in a strange town with nothing to do on Christmas day, consider volunteering at a local homeless shelter, church or animal shelter to help take care of those in need

Volunteering has been proven to have positive effects on your mood and has also been shown to decrease risk of high blood pressure in people 50 years old or older.

Stay In Touch With Technology

With today’s technology, we’re never truly disconnected from friends and family. There are many ways to be there with your family when you can’t physically be present.

With Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger, you can use video to see your family and talk face-to-face. And of course there’s always texting or even something the old folks call a telephone ?

Another cool idea, especially if you have kids, is to use a geo-tracker like Trackr.

Every year meteorologists around the world track Santa’s movements by satellite, letting children everywhere know where he’s headed.

So why not use technology to do the same for your family. With Trackr, your family can know where you are and follow your travels to your destination and back again – building anticipation for your arrival.

Are You Feeling Playful?

A good way to spend some time with family while on the road during the Holidays is to play a game together.

You could set up a video chat and have your family place the computer or tablet at the game board so you can see the board. Designate someone as your official “dice roller” and let the game begin.

Or you could download a multi-player game app and enjoy a game of Monopoly or Chess with your loved ones.

Read A Book Together

I got this idea from a website dedicated to long distance relationships.

If you aren’t able to video chat, you could arrange to read a book with a loved one back home. Find a book that you both would be interested in and make sure you each have a copy. Take turns reading pages, or chapters. Then when you’re done reading, take some time to talk about what’s just been read.

This is a great way for couples to share something and generate conversation beyond the usual “how’s the weather stuff”.

Solitary Solitude

I have a friend who, after going through a divorce, found himself alone every Christmas morning. Rather than feeling depressed about it, my friend would get up, brew a thermos of coffee … throw in some Bailey’s Irish Cream, grab his iPod and head out the door.

He would walk to a park nearby, find a quiet bench, and enjoy Christmas music while sipping his warm brew.

It became a time for quiet contemplation, and reflection – a time to consider all that he was thankful for.

Instead of staying in the truck, why not get up and go for a walk? Find a quiet spot to enjoy a warm mug of your own favourite beverage. Listen to music or simply sit and listen to the world around you.

As we approach the Holiday season, remember that feelings follow focus. If you focus on what you’re “missing out” on, you’ll feel miserable.

But if you focus on all that’s good in your life…

  • The good you do by being a trucker
  • The good people in your life
  • The good that comes from having people who love you

… You’ll find the Holidays can be a wonderful time of the year – even when you’re on the road.

Leave a comment below and let us know how you make this time of year on the road a special time.

Check Out Challenger’s Annual Job Fair

This Saturday, November 26th, Challenger will be hosting their annual job fair.

It’s a great chance for truck drivers to meet the folks at Challenger and see their equipment and operation up close and personal.

You’ll get to…

  • See heir new trucks;
  • Tour their facility;
  • Talk to company reps about the many opportunities available

There will be treats and a chance to win a Rand McNally GPS.

You can even meet, interview and do your road test with one of the driver recruiters if you decide to join their team.

Get more information by clicking here.

Cool Gift Ideas For The Trucker In Your Life

If you're looking for a Christmas, birthday or maybe even a graduation gift for the new truck driver in your life, we've got you covered. Check out these awesome gift ideas for truckers.

Clothing Gift Ideas​

High-Quality Driving Glasses

Mike Hanna would tell you that driving a big rig is like piloting a plane. For both, a good pair of sunglasses can help keep eyes from becoming fatigued. For years, Ray Ban aviators have been the gold standard in driving glasses.

Where to buy: The Sunglass Hut

Scrubba™ Wash Bag

The Scrubba™ Wash Bag is the world’s smallest washing machine for when you need to do some laundry but just can't do it at the truck stop. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a modern take on the old fashioned washboard. They claim it's as effective as hand washing and more hygienic that a dirty truckstop sink.

Where to buy:

Scrubba™ Travel Towel

The Scrubba™ Travel Towel is the perfect accessory to help your newly cleaned clothes dry. Simply use the Scrubba Travel Towel to partially dry your clothes by rolling the damp clothing in the towel and gently squeeze to transfer moisture. You can also use this quick-drying microfibre towel to dry yourself off after a shower.

Where to buy:

Quality Work Boots

Driving for hours at a time, you want footwear that will be comfortable and protect your feet when needed. The Blundstone Greenpatch boots do both plus they look great.

Where to buy: Blundstone

Trucker T-Shirt

As a rule, there's no shortage of characters in the truck driving world. A funny trucker t-shirt allows your loved one to express his or her character and style.

Where to buy: Redbubble

Work Gloves

You don't appreciate them until you lose them. A good pair of work gloves can save hands a lot of wear and tear to your truckers hands.

Where to buy: Watson Gloves

Easy Slip-On Sandals

When you're driving, an itchy foot fungus is one of the worst things you could want to have. Keep your feet safe in any shower with a pair of sandals like the Adidas Adissage sandal. With their adjustable strap, they're easy to slip on and off while in the shower.

Where to buy: Sportchek

Shower Bag

This hanging shower bag makes it easy to keep everything you need to get clean and smell purdy after a long day nicely organized. The liner has an anti-bacterial coating to keep it from getting funky too. Find out more by clicking the link below.

Where to buy: Amazon

Cooking Related Gifts

3-In-1 Coffee System

When all closed up, it looks like a regular vacuum flask – the kind where you keep the boiled water in the kitchen back home. Except, the thing is actually designed to disassemble into three distinct tools that will let you boil water, make coffee, and keep it hot for the duration of the day. Learn more by clicking the link below...

Where to buy:

Induction Hot Plate

Cooking in the truck can save a lot of time and money. The Cuisinart Induction Cooktop heats fast and uses 70% less energy than a regular cooktop. Heat shuts off 30-seconds after the pot or pan is removed.

Where to buy: Canadian Tire

Infrared Double Stainless Steel Hotplate

This 1800w hot plate gives you precise heat with separate controls and is compatible with all types of cookware. Light and easy to store. See more info by clicking the link below...

Where to buy: Home Hardware

Crockpot Slow-Cooker

Slow-cookers make a great gift for the trucker. Food cooks as you drive. This crockpot has 4 settings and clicks to "warm" when the cook time is up. The stonewear keeps food hot about 30% longer.

Where to buy: Home Hardware

Danby Mini-Fridge

Store fruits, veggies and drinks with this 1.6 cubic-foot fridge.

Where to buy:

SnowPeak Chopping Board

The fold-up cutting board from Snow Peak measures just 14.4 x 4.6 x 2.8 inches when closed up, allowing for easy storage in the truck. It features a built-in compartment for a medium-sized chef's knife (included).

Where to buy:

X-Pot Collapsible Pot

This collapsible pot measures just 1.5 inches thick when collapsed. The X-Pot is a 2.8-liter (94.5 oz) cooking pot with a lid and two handles, so you can cook with the same convenience you’re used to doing at home.

Where to buy:

Tech & Gadget Gifts


Audible is an Amazon-owned company that sells audio books. A nice change of pace from listening to the radio, audio books can be downloaded and listened to using the Audible app.

Where to buy: Audible

E-book Reader

In a truck space is at a premium. An ebook reader like the Kobo Aura allows you to carry thousands of books with no bulk and has a backlit display for easy reading at night.

Where to buy: Chapters

Cup Holder Swivel Tray

For when you just can't sit down and eat, there's the cupholder swivel tray. Non-skid surface keeps your food in place. Locks in place to keep food from moving away.

Where to buy:

3 LED Hat Flashlight

This 3 LED flashlight clips onto the hat and provides handsfree lighting for working on the truck.

Where to buy: Home Hardware

LED Clamp Lights

This set of clamp lights can be used for lighting in the cab or under the hood, using bright LED lighting.

Where to buy: Home Hardware

Air Purifier

When you spend days upon days in a sealed truck cab, the air can get a little ... ummm ... stale. This ionizer helps to purify and freshen the air by absorbing 99.7% of smells.

Where to buy: Amazon

Myo Gesture Control

The Myo gesture control armband reads the muscle activity in your forearm and gives you touch-free control of technology - like your phone with hand gestures and motion, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Where to buy: Best Buy

Bluetooth Mobile Headset

A distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Keep the trucker in your life safe with a bluetooth headset for their mobile device.

Where to buy: Best Buy

Playstation 4

With the Playstation 4, your trucker can relax and unwind at the end of the day with some quality time with his or her favourite game.

Where to buy: Best Buy

TV/DVD Combo

With a TV/DVD combo, you get to enjoy your movies without taking up any additional space in the cab.

Where to buy: Walmart

Spotify Membership

Never be at a loss for what to listen to. Spotify offers you unlimited music for one monthly fee. Listen online or download to your mobile device for offline listening.

Where to buy:

Matador Surface

The Matador Surface is a pocket-sized bundle that can unfold into a large ground cover, giving your trucker a clean and contained work area to work their truck.

Where to buy:

Dash Cam Recorder

The Auto-Vox dash cam recorder provides 1080p quality with continuous recording to give the truck driver peace of mind in case of accident or incident.

Where to buy:

Helinox Ultralight Table

Measuring just 16.1 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter with a weight of 1.5 pounds when folded, it gets you a usable table with none of the hassle.

Where to buy:

Trucker App

America’s most popular app for Truckers, made by Truckers!Trucker Path provides truckers with all the necessary information to save money and reach destinations quicker.

Where to buy: or Google Play

RoadPro Tire Thumper

This durable solid-wood thumper is 19" long with a wrist rope to help keep a good grip while testing tires for damage or air loss.

Where to buy:

Power Inverter

Never be at a loss for power with this high power inverter. 2000W rated output & 4600W peak power and 3 AC outlets. 6 External 50A Fuses added for safety.

Where to buy:

Tire Pressure Monitor System

The TPMS dynamically monitors tire pressure, which can prevent puncture and damage of car parts caused by flat tire. Improve fuel efficiency, prolong tire life, increase traffic safety and avoid abnormal wear of vehicle parts.

Where to buy: