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Truck Driving Students Secure Jobs Before Graduating AZ License Course

"​You're full of s#@&!"

When we say that 9 out of 10 students get hired within 2-weeks of finishing our AZ License Course, that's what a lot of people say - to our face or silently to themselves.

Well, in our most recent class, we had a trifecta of student success.

Three of our students - ​Adrian Khan, Mike McClintock, and Mark Stocker - all got hired from our AZ license course. But it wasn't within the two weeks we normally claim it takes. No. They got hired a week BEFORE they completed the course. And...

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Truck Driver Success Story: Matti Awia

Tired of being laid off from his construction job, Matti Awia decided he needed to make a change. After obtaining his AZ license at a cheap license-mill truck driving school, and not being able to find a job, Matti attended Tri-County Training's AZ license course.

Within 6-weeks he secured a job ... driving locally, not long-distance ... for Canada Cartage. In this video, Curtis Penner sits down with Matti to talk about his journey.

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10 Strong Reasons To Consider Becoming A Truck Driver

Get trained to become a truck driver, and I can promise you one thing...

You'll never be unemployed!

Reason #1: Job Security

If you're going to train for a new career, you want it to be a stable one, right? Well, it’s estimated that tens of THOUSANDS of truck driving jobs are available in Canada. How many of those jobs will be filled? Not nearly enough. And that puts YOU in the driver's seat.

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6 Questions To Ask When Choosing An Ontario Truck Driving School

When looking for an Ontario truck driving school, it's critical you choose a top school, and not base your decision on dollars.

The truck driving school you choose sets the foundation for your truck driving career. Choose a good school and you'll have your pick of jobs. Choose a cheap, budget school, and you'll be fighting for scraps on the job market.

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